Chocolate & Cacao

Chocolate & Cacao 

Raw chocolate is actually one of the healthiest foods on the earth! Research is continually proving that raw chocolate is actually a super food. The problem is that most chocolate has been highly processed and heated, throwing away all of the vital nutrients.

Further, many ingredients are added to chocolate which have a negative impact on our health. Sugar, for example, destroys the immune system and causes diabetes, premature aging and other serious health problems. Studies also show that adding milk to chocolate cancels out all of the goodness. In addition, researchers have found that commercial chocolate can be contaminated with extremely high quantities of the toxic metal lead.


You may be asking yourself, "what's left if you can't have milk chocolate, dark chocolate or any sort of processed chocolate?" Fear not; the absolutely delicious raw chocolate is taking the world by storm. You don't need to avoid chocolate this holiday season because you can have raw chocolate.

Raw chocolate is chocolate that hasn't gone through any sort of heating or processing, so all of the nutrients are still in tact.

So What are the Nutrients?


Chocolate contains more magnesium than any other food. Magnesium is the number one mineral deficiency in the west. It's the most powerful stress relieving mineral. It also relaxes the muscles and builds strong bones and teeth.


Chocolate is also power packed with antioxidants, which protect us from aging and disease. The following is a list of the foods with the highest ORAC values (the number given to foods based on their antioxidant activity):

  Unprocessed Raw Cacao - ORAC 28,000
  Acai Berries - ORAC 18,500
  Dark Chocolate - ORAC 13,120
  Prunes - 5,770
  Goji Berries - 3,472
  Pomegranates - 3,307
  Raisins - 2,830
  Blueberries - 2,400


Amazing! You can see that even heated dark chocolate has a high antioxidant level. Unfortunately, most dark chocolate has sugar added to it.


Chocolate is actually higher in the antioxidant resveratrol than red wine. The media has been giving red wine a lot of attention over the last few years because it's rich in this antioxidant, which is known for protecting cells from free radical damage and inhibiting the spread of cancer. It's also known to your lower blood pressure and normalize your anti-inflammatory response.


Chocolate is also rich in sulfur, which is the beauty mineral. Sulfur is essential for gorgeous skin, lustrous hair and strong nails.


Chocolate is one of the only sources of PEA, which is a compound that increases the serotonin levels in the brain, which increases joy. No wonder people are so attracted to chocolate!


 More Benefits of Chocolate



•   may help prevent cardiovascular disease in diabetics
  amazing super food for keeping your heart healthy and for improving elasticity in your blood vessels
  has been known to boost sex drive and make us feel alive


Even the biggest sweet tooth junk food eaters enjoy raw chocolate!

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